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Jobhunt main function is to determine what a website looks like and not how it works. The “how it works” part is for plugins and is called plugin territory. Many Job Board themes try to include features that are clearly outside the thematic area, thus invading the plugin’s territory. This causes great discomfort to the user, as the user will never be able to change a theme or risk losing the site, data and functionality.

Given the above discomfort, I created the Jobhunt theme – Job Board WordPress for the WP Job Manager plugin. Our theme stylizes the look of the website, while the WP Job Manager plugin provides worksheet functionality.

Jobhunt is an easy-to-use, clean and fast coded WordPress Job Board theme, built on the principle of separating concerns for WP Job Manager.

Jobhunt Features

Built for WP Job Manager
Our topic is the “how the website looks” part and the “how the website works” part is handled by WP Job Manager.
The theme is easy and when used with cache plugins like WP Rocket, CDNs like CloudFlare and a good server, you can get very fast load times for your site.

Built without invading the territory of the plugin

The theme does not include features that are outside the scope of a theme. This means that the functionality of your website is not related to the theme. You are free to extend the function of your website using various third-party plugins that are available.

5 headers and 5 basements

The header area is built using actions, and the basement area is widgetized.

3 different post listing styles and 3 different single post page styles
You can choose the style like classic, grid or bussines you like best and you can also set the only job page from one of the 3 different styles available.

Employers (companies)

Jobhunt allows you to list employers who post jobs on their own employer listing page and on the employer’s single page. Employers can be listed in 4 different styles, and the single employer page is available in 2 different styles. There is also a dashboard for employers, where the poster can manage their posts. Having a page of the employer creates the trust of the job seeker.

Candidates (plugin sold separately)

List the candidates in 3 different styles and the individual candidates page in 2 different styles. In addition, there is also a candidate’s homepage.

Additional and advanced functionality is available through supplements. Jobhunt is compatible with this basic software package and supports all the features offered by this add-on software package.

Compatible with King Composer

Use the drag-and-drop editor to create your King Composer homepages. With over 15 homepage blocks, you can create unique homepage layouts for your website.

Autofill for jobs and location using Google GeoLocate
Jobhunt uses built-in jQuery autocomplete of WordPress for Jobs and Google GeoLocate for autocomplete Jobs

Great line and great font icons

Awesome font is great, but many people also like line icons.
Do you wanna know something? Line Awesome consists of 674 flat line icons that are created based on the Windows 10 style. We have also included Font Awesome.

Structured data for job listing

WP Job Manager will automatically include structured data about your job listings on each individual job listing page.

8 static pages and 3 different blog styles

Besides 5 home pages, Jobhunt includes 2 contact pages, About, Job Packages, Frequently Asked Questions and 3 more static pages.





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