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Nulled Listen Radio Portal PHP Script


Listen Radio Portal is a Tunein like streaming radio script that offers unlimited streams of radio stations around the globe. you can easily manage everything through the administration panel. this Listen portal radio is developed using Angular JS and PHP.


User mode as (login, registration, forgotten)
Look for radios
Streaming radio (shoutcast & icecast)
Automatic paging
Angular material and trunk
Social sharing link
Likes, comments, views
Manage the station, user, comment, etc. through the administration panel

Administrator panel
Manage radios
User Management
Manage comments
Manage genres


Basic Support: Basic support is available free of charge via the comments or email section. Feel free to ask any technology related questions about the app.
Advanced support: includes web server and application installation, basic customization, and other basic additions. It is not available for free and you need to contact the author for more information.
Customization: Customization is available for this application. Contact the author by email for more information.
Important Note
The database will be provided once you have sent us the purchase code by e-mail. This is because some people buy the code through stolen credit cards and envato ends up reversing. You have to wait some time to get the database file. DO NOT BUY IF YOU CAN’T WAIT A FEW HOURS.


Due to the large load of the paper, assistance and comments are treated twice a day. At this time we receive many emails and requests for assistance than we can handle quickly. Many times we can respond on the same day, but others take much longer.
Before submitting a support request, please read the entries below:

  • Envato author support is optional, but we’ll do our best to help.
  • The support team is usually stopped on weekends.
  • Assistance does not mean personalization.
  • Read the entire documentation file.
  • Check that your question is not already in the Article Discussion section.
  • We do not provide assistance for third party code, in which case you must contact the authors.
  • Also do not accept errors caused by strong changes to the original files.
  • We do customization, but this is not included in the package price. To get an offer for a change you can send an email using the form in the right sidebar.
  • We can’t learn how to code in Java or any other language.
  • We cannot offer refunds, if you want a refund, contact Envato directly.
  • If you have a general question, you can use and put your question in the Article Discussion section.
  • Our time zone is (currently) GMT + 5:30, so keep in mind that our time zone may be different from yours.
    You can read more about Envato wiki article support





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