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ExchangePress | Crypto Exchanges List Pages for WordPress


The WordPress Crypto Exchanges List plugin The WordPress Pro helps you display a complete list of crypto exchanges on your website, along with relevant information such as trading volume, Alexa rank, and so on.

product description
This WordPress Cryptocurrency plugin uses a “public API coinexchangeprice.com” to retrieve complete data about cryptocurrency exchanges.

Therefore, you can create a complete list of over 200 cryptocurrency exchanges and display it on your site conveniently. You can also compare trading volume and prices at any time.

In addition, you can help your visitors discover different trading pairs and support coins for exchanging cryptocurrencies, this will help them in their trading activity.

Key features of the WordPress plugin for cryptocurrency –
Content pages with self-generated exchanges
This WordPress Cryptocurrency plugin automatically generates over 200 pages of exchange content, which contains complete information about exchanges.

Crypto Exchanges SEO Friendly

With this plugin, you can make your website completely optimized for SEO and also add a unique SEO title, meta description and tags along with each landing page.
With this plugin, you can make your website completely optimized for SEO and also add a unique SEO title, meta description and tags along with each landing page.


You can easily use short encryption codes to create multiple exchange pages on a website to suit your requirements

Custom description

With this plugin, you can easily add your own custom description to each page of self-generated cryptographic exchanges.

Supports various plugins

The plugin is fully compatible with the following 2 different types of plugins –

Currency Market and Price Plugin – You can easily install this plugin on your website and display all the necessary currency details, such as-

Display over 1500 lists of cryptocurrencies on your website.
You can compare the prices of currencies of different cryptocurrency exchanges.
Easily display the historical price table and cryptocurrency chart.
This plugin gives you an encryption computer that includes 2 different features – [crypto to fiat converter] and [crypto to crypto converter].
Therefore, your users will receive complete information about coins in one place.

Smash Balloon Twitter Feed Plugin – You can use this plugin together with the Cryptocurrency WordPress plugin and automatically display the twitter news feed of each crypto exchange on your website.

Unique exchange page
Your visitors can easily view a single exchange page if they click on a particular exchange and receive complete information about that exchange.

More About Cryptocurrency WordPress Plugin-
Update scholarship prices every 10 minutes.
The plugin fully supports GDPR compliance and ensures that your website data is completely secure.
Compatible with different languages ​​such as German, Spanish, Italian, etc.
It supports many browsers, such as IE10 and IE11 and Firefox and Safari and Opera, Chrome, Edge and so on.
Additional features –
Easy to configure
Video tutorial
Detailed online documentation
Supports multiple currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR etc.
Provides complete customer support through the ticketing system





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