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Listar – WordPress Directory and Listing Theme


After installing the theme and (optionally) importing the demo content, all images will be blank (gray).
A short synopsis
Listar is a WordPress directory theme with an innovative design, based mainly on color variations, circular / wavy shapes and attractive animations.

The look is powered by the Bootstrap Grid system, ensuring a responsive adaptation and an excellent navigation approach on every device and modern browsers.

With Listar you can create your own records directory from scratch, without the need for code skills. You can organize these records by categories and regions, add facilities, publish photo galleries, record addresses (locations) to generate maps, and more.

What our customers say
Listar Directory has been highly rated since its launch. We just want to thank all the customers who have dedicated a short but valuable time to provide this wonderful feedback. We promise to do everything possible, new features and improvements come in time.

Give Listar a chance

Have an exotic solution and make sure you surprise your audience with this new release. Listar will help you manage a site directory very much / nicely, no matter how big and popular it is.

Are you just starting a startup? Be invited to experiment and grow with Listar. It’s not just a business goal: this promising project requires an excellent list of predefined updates that will be implemented very soon …
Are you satisfied? Please examine us!
Keep in mind that leaving the evaluation will help your topic achieve higher goals, such as being better ranked according to the search algorithm. Not only that, but the higher the average rating of a product, the better the chances of attracting new customers and the more visitors will be converted into actual sales. So, if you want Listar with a lot of new features, please support us growing and you will soon see that this quick rating investment was worth it.





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