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TAILOR Extended list of features

Tailor Quick installation;
One-click import;
Automatic updates;

Header and navigation options

Instead of offering a few different fixed header templates and styles.
Sticky header with alternative logo;
Header transparency;
Header backgrounds;
Adjustable header size;
Activate / deactivate the top bar;
Socializing icons;
Multi-column drop-down menus;
Wallpapers for drop-down menus;
Centered logo alternative;
Adjustable navigation font size and color;

Powerful customization options

Upload the logo and Favicon;
Children’s theme included for advanced customization;
Options for more options for the layout of the blog;
Built-in portfolio functionality;
Advanced font options
Google font integration;
Change the color, size, weight, height of the line;
Fully responsive design;
Ready for translation;
Read WPML;
Compatible with cross browser

WooCommerce – Powerful e-commerce functionality

Are you new to WooCommerce? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Almost half of Mr. Tailor’s users are beginners, selling online for the first time and have managed to create beautiful sites without previous experience. You can do it too! WooCommerce is free and means:

Strong store management;
Simple or variable products;
Digital / downloadable products;
Sell external / affiliated products;
Built-in order tracking system;
Complex taxation and shipping options;
Customers can evaluate / evaluate the products;
Unlimited categories and subcategories;
Filter products
Built-in coupon system;
Get information from store reports;
One Checkout;
Easy to carry computer;
Optional wish list functionality;
Store customization features
Sidebar on screen or Off-Canvas;
Activate / deactivate the breadcrumbs;
Change the number of products per column, of products per page or choose from different product loading animations;
Optional product sidebar;
Zoom function for the product image gallery;
Social networking options;

WooCommerce features overview

Are you new to WooCommerce? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Almost half of our customers are beginners, sell online for the first time and manage to create beautiful websites without previous web design experience.

You can learn more about WooCommerce at woocommerce.com, here’s a quick overview:

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Mr. Tailor – WordPress eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce – 18
Ship anywhere
When setting up your store and you can choose to offer free shipping and flat-rate shipping. If you only want to ship products to a specific country, you can easily configure these settings in the dashboard as well.

Offer customers the option to pick up, local delivery or shipping. Limit the options available depending on the customer’s location.

Mr. Tailor – WordPress eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce – 19
Customize for your location
Set the appropriate currency, language, and unit of measure (inches, centimeters, or whatever) for you.

Mr. Tailor – WordPress eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce – 20
User accounts
Allow customers to register and choose to automatically generate usernames and passwords, or not. Display a customer authentication reminder.

Mr. Tailor – WordPress eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce – 21
Add the sales summary, order and summary window to the WP dashboard to easily see how your store works.

Mr. Tailor – WordPress eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce – 22
See sales, refunds and coupons over time. See your top products and categories.

Mr. Tailor – WordPress eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce – 23
Search engine optimization

Mr. Tailor – WordPress eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce – 24
Inventory management
Track stock levels, keep stock after an order is canceled, receive notifications for discounted and depleted items.

Mr. Tailor – WordPress eCommerce Theme for WooCommerce – 25

Email templates

Send notifications to customers at critical stages and for example after they make a purchase.



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