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Jannah has a completely responsive design that not only adapts to all modern devices today, but responds to the most modern mobile devices for content that can be swiped.

It also seems to think for you with smart menu features that adapt to the user’s device to ensure they have the best experience as simple as possible while consuming your content.


Fully compatible with the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project, so your content is mobile-optimized and loads QUICKLY, anywhere.

SEO optimized

Jannah also has the goods when it comes to SEO, with articles and reviews Schema to support views of excerpts from longer articles.

Optimized with full support for the very popular Yoast plugin, so you can get more visitors from Google and BING Search, plus HTML SEO support, so search engines can pick up rankings from specific HTML elements, as well as SEO support Rich Snippet for add-ons such as Reviews, Ratings and Photos.

High performance, high speeds
Did anyone say ‘Need for Speed?’

Jannah has accelerated with a few advanced behind-the-scenes developments to give you truly amazing page load speeds and overall website performance.

Lazy Load – means that images are loaded when the user requests it.
Minimized version for JS – works the same as jquery.js, but has a smaller size for your production site.
Minimized CSS resources – removes space, indentation, new lines and comments.
Built-in cache to reduce DB queries.
bbPress Integration
Forum software for industry best practices for WordPress by WordPress creators. This means that you can be sure that you can easily set up discussion forums within your WP site.

It is easy to moderate, fast and clean and is managed from a single central account and offers a one-click installation.

Nothing to upgrade or install, everything included under the hood.

GIF support

Who doesn’t love a good GIF meme?

Fundamental to the success of today’s large viral sites, GIFs play a huge role in consumer content and you need to be able to support them natively without bothering, they don’t need extensions or plugins.

Jannah supports GIF images natively for a great end-user experience.

Customizable aspects

Go crazy with a personalized look!

Bounded, full width, in box, masonry or straight up a column. Aspects are the foundation of how your site will look and it is crucial to have a flexible system to move it and see how it fits with your content.

Skip to content

Adding hotspots to your content so users can move to a specific point in long form content is a great way to help navigate.

Mega menus Ajax

A very hot menu is the key to a great site, full of tons of first class content. A good menu should entice users to stay, look at other pages and feel like they know where they are at all times.

Mobile browsing

Stand out from the crowd with a beautifully decorated personalized mobile navigation for your new site. Available off-canvas, you can change the backgrounds to be solid color, gradients, or images. Set the color and enable / disable social icons and search form.

Select and share

This is a very neat feature, we know you will like it. With Jannah and “Select and Share”, the end user controls the sharing function.

All you have to do is highlight the copy or key point you want to share, and Jannah automatically recognizes this as a social sharing feature with a pop-up template showing the sharing options you’ve enabled. . Boom!

Email marketing

Build your email distribution list!

Everyone knows that your email list is the most powerful marketing tool in today’s environment, so Jannah has full integration with industry standard tools, including MailChimp and Feedburner.

Capture potential customers, build your list and the world is your stride!

Parallel effects and video backgrounds

A beautifully constructed landing page, homepage, or CTA should engage and motivate you to take action.

One Click Import with demo content

With over 20 fresh demo versions ready to launch and developed more and more, Jannah has prepared a fully equipped web design.

Find a demo that makes you look and feel best, then use our one-click Import Demo feature to set up your beautiful, simple design. From there, you simply need to update yourself with your own content and customize it to your heart’s content.

Space dedicated to advertisers

What good is all this effort in a top content marketing site, blog or news site without being able to generate money? No-uh, not today’s baby.

That’s why Jannah isn’t just optimized for WooCommerce for all your eCommerce needs, but there are specific predefined ad slots!

Book seats for partners or affiliates or sell a full page takeover to the largest bidder. With the most common built-in ad unit sizes, all you have to do is copy AdSense code over and over! Jannah takes care of the rest.

Unique BuddyPress design

Take it with a fully integrated social networking community or embedded network with a sleek BuddyPress design for that sticky user experience.

Built into the Jannah template so that it looks just like the rest of your design, you can even add notifications to the menu for that real-time socializing feeling that makes users come back for more.

20+ prefabricated demonstrations

Our demos are more than just a skin – with over 20 choices in each demo, it is a fully functional website with pages, menu structures and demo content, designed to make difficult exercises in setting up your site .

Choose a demo and install it with the simplicity of a single click, update yourself with your own content, then sit back and enjoy rewards. With styles that include Cars, Hotels, Pets, School, News, Sports, Video and Fashion, we are sure you will find something you like.





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