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Networker is a wordpress theme that contain even a dark mode, very usefull for magazines or blogs.

Dark way

Enable dark mode for a great viewing experience, especially in low light environments.

Dark mode is a dramatic new look that is easy on your eyes and helps you focus on the content. It uses a dark color scheme and is activated automatically based on your favorite browser settings or manually with a switch.

Activate Dark Mode to give you a break.

Multiple page header types
There are three different types of page headers for posts and pages. Display the recommended post header with an image overlay or a smaller page header.

Customize with Live Instant Preview with Networker

Forget outdated settings pages and manually refresh the page to see the changes. Preview all changes live while setting up your perfect blog or media content.

More archiving plans for your homepage and archiving pages
Choose from different posting archives for your homepage and archiving pages. Display your posts in the grid, list, or complete topics.

Multiple page layouts
Select the right page layout for your homepage, archives, posts, and pages.

AMP support
We’ve added styles to the AMP pages to match the main styles of your website.

Exclude duplicate posts
Everyone knows, especially Google, that duplicate content is bad. Avoid having duplicate content on your homepage by excluding recommended posts from the main archive with a single click.

Google Fonts
Create different styles with over 800 supported Google fonts. Simply select the desired font from the drop-down menu and preview it instantly on your website – without confusing CSS rules or code snippets.

Additional content
Ever wanted to place an ad under your header? Or a short description before the recommended posts section on your homepage? With our signature feature you can insert any content into different parts of the templates without changing the template files or deleting templates with a child theme.

Smart Sticky Navigation
Increase the view of mobile users by displaying the main navigation only when scrolling up. Or force the menu to stick all the time. Or completely disable the function, it’s up to you! Enable one of three options in the theme settings with a single click.

Networker ‘ s Sticky sidebar
Make the widgets sticky as you scroll the page. Choose from two options: either stick to the bottom edge of the sidebar, or the top edge of the last widget. Increase your ad conversion by setting your ad as the last widget and selecting the last option. Unlike the sticky sidebars of other themes, ours is activated and does not flicker on tablets or mobiles. By using the sticky positioning of the native browser, we created a sticky sidebar that animates wonderfully not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices.

And many more !

Smart menu on several levels
You are the one who decides how to structure your content. If there is not enough space in the viewport to display a drop-down submenu, it will appear on the opposite side instead. And it also supports mobile touch devices.

Mobile Slide-Out menu with widgets
Display the mobile menu by clicking the hamburger icon on mobile devices. You can also place social links, subscription form, Facebook fan page or any other widget in the mobile menu, just like in a regular sidebar.

Paginated posts
Networker allow you to divide your posts into multiple pages and add the appropriate style page at the bottom of the posts.

Invited authors and multi-author posts with Plus co-author assistance
Involve invited authors without creating separate user accounts, or add multiple authors to each post with the built-in support of the Co-Authors Plus plugin. All posters, including contributors and guest authors, can also have social accounts and a biography.

Built-in support for RTL (right-to-left) languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or any other written RTL language.

Numbered paging, higher load and infinite load
The “Load more” button and the Infinite Upload feature will encourage users to stay on your site longer by browsing your post archives without refreshing your browser page.

We use the new REST API for instant post retrieval, which is the fastest way to dynamically upload posts to WordPress.

Post views with Google Analytics sync
Display the number of post views, among other meta posts, with built-in post view support.

Also with Networker..

Post reading time
Easily add reading time to encourage your users.

Remember READY
Your site will look amazing on Retina displays thanks to scalable vector elements, clear images prepared for Retina and typography.

Adaptive optimized image dimensions
A small number of thumbnails generated will save disk storage on your hosting provider and make the thumbnail regeneration process quick.





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