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Grand Conference is a modern WordPress theme responsive to the conference and events website. Built with the latest WordPress technology.

The big conference supports the responsive look, so it looks great on all devices. It has predefined styles and templates and many features built specifically for conferences, event organizers or all meetings, seminar events that can be imported with a single click.

Make your site unique

Over 30 pages of pre-design for the conference and events website. Because the unique display of information about conferences and events is very important, especially when and where questions, we focus on creating various pre-design pages for the conference and events website, including sessions, scheduling day, speakers, table of tickets and much more. Moreover, simple steps are required to create with our predefined pages and content generator.
The simplest parallel scrolling Tell your stories with our parallel scrolling with a playback performance of 60 fps
Video Parallax Make your website more attractive to your visitors through video parallax.

Design your website for conferences and events so your visitors can quickly find all the information

Filterable session topics. not only can you easily create sessions at the event conference. You can also organize them into several topics. This way, your visitor can easily filter the topic they are interested in and help you increase your chances of buying tickets to the event!

Conference sessions per day You can organize each session into several days and all sessions are automatically sorted by the start time of each session.

3 Plan your issues We want to make sure that your visitors can easily find the information they want to know about your conference sessions so that you can provide a variety of plans for viewing your sessions.

Extended speaker grid and information You can customize the appearance of the speaker content grid. Select between 2 and 5 columns. The single speaker page also supports social links and all selected speaker sessions.

Location and location The important part of the conference and event website is to inform about the situation and the venue, for example the hotel. The theme provided all these plans to nicely display the map with locations and hotel information.

MailChimp Newsletter Support Give your customers the option to subscribe to your mailing list so you can send them promotions, early tickets, or conference news using the mailChimp platform.


One-page navigation support Easily create a modern site or a modern one-page parallax page using a drag-and-drop builder with a custom menu system.
Google Mobile Compatibility Optimization Google’s search for your site will be more visible and better for mobile device users. Google has updated its search algorithm to give preference to websites optimized for the correct display on mobile / portable devices.
The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) theme was built using semantic HTML and CSS code, allowing search engines to crawl and index your web page easily.

Also, Grand Conference…

Google Map Styles Changing the Google Maps color scheme easily using the style in snazzymaps
Sharp Font Icons Font icons are always clear and look perfect on all screens and device sizes. In addition, the font icon helps you speed up the loading time of your site.
Ready for Retina Make sure your images and items are clear and beautiful on your Retina and high-resolution screens.
Custom Styles Customize your custom CSS styles in the theme options. Without changing the basic theme, don’t worry about updating the theme

Shortcodes Easily create your own custom page with Shortcodes. Any items you like in this theme, you can add them to your page.
Short style codes ex. dropcap etc.
Many embedded short codes
Built-in plugin Short code generator
Short column codes ex. 2, 3, 4, 5 columns
The translation support theme is included in the .mo and .po files. Furthermore, the theme is compatible with the WPML plugin, allowing you to translate your site into any one or more languages.

Various booking options

Woocommerce Product When your customer fills out the booking form. It will add the selected product to your cart and your customer can pay and pay using Woocommerce’s online payment options.
Custom URL When your customer fills out the booking form It will redirect your customer to the URL page you entered.

And More !!





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