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With Capstone create a community of employers and candidates and get up and running in minutes. Moreover, you can generate money on the job market by offering packages to this community.

Employer user flow

Front-end submission: a user can access to send front-end (or resume) work, even without registration (configurable). However, you can configure your site to force the creation of the user account at the time of submission, or you can simply disable front-end submission for unregistered users.

Employer dashboard: a user can register on the job board as “employer” or “candidate”, which will allow him access to a dedicated dashboard, where he can manage all listings associated with his account.

Manage jobs (Add, edit, delete, deactivate): Once the user has posted their listing (job or CV), they can manage the listing from the dashboard, which means they can add new vacancies, resume , edit or disable the existing listing or delete them altogether.

Renew jobs: If you have been assigned a job list, it will expire on time and you can choose to renew the expired job if necessary.

Job applications: Once the job list is approved and published, you can accept job applications through different methods, you can define an external site from where you can accept the application, you can provide an e-mail address or you can accept job applications directly in the dashboard.

Job bookmarks: in addition to managing their own job listings, an employer can save or bookmark the lists (CVs or jobs). The markings will be available from the dashboard.

Flow of candidate users

Front-end transmission

Similar to jobs, a user can send their CV / CV directly from the front-end without requiring user registration (configurable).

Candidate dashboard

A user can register on the job board as a “candidate”, which will allow him access to a dedicated dashboard, where he can manage all CV lists associated with his account and perform tasks additional.

Manage resumes (Add, Edit, Delete, Disable)

Once the user has posted their CV listing, they can manage the listing in the dashboard, which means they can add new resumes, edit or deactivate the listing existing or can completely remove them.

Job applications

If the candidate has applied for any position directly on the site, he can see all his previous applications listed in the dashboard for record purposes.


While looking for jobs, if candidates like some job lists, he can save or mark job lists right from the front end. Later, he can access all his markings from the dashboard.

Job Alerts

What is the best way to keep your users with your site? With the Job Alerts feature you can give your candidates a way to subscribe to your job list with a specific criterion.


The theme requires various basic functionality plugins that are included in the theme package. These add-ons include:

  • Resume (allow candidates to upload their resume and list them)
  • Bookmarks (add option to bookmarks lists)
  • Job alerts (allows you to schedule job alerts based on custom criteria)
  • Applications (provides working application management interface)
  • Application deadline (activates a deadline option for listing jobs)
  • Job tags (used to filter your lists)
  • Simple payment for listing (sell only one spot on the list at a fixed price)
  • Paid ads (sell quantity-based recording packages)
  • Loco Translate (translate theme to other languages – RTL is not yet supported)


The theme also offers optimized integration for the following paid plugins, but are NOT included in the final theme package:

  • FacetWP (allows you to create custom filters)
  • Field Editor (allows you to add / edit / delete new / existing fields and display them on the relevant page).
  • Visibility (allows you to define visibility criteria for any given custom field)
  • Packages (allows you to provide packages to limit the number of list views and the ability to apply or contact the list owner).
  • Private messages (enable private message on site between site users)
  • Social Connect (offers social connection functionality)
    Again, to reiterate, the theme does not come bundled with any of the paid plugins mentioned above. There are paid supplements (optional) that extend the functionality of the site. We only offer a seamless visual interface integration, while their authors provide support for each plugin (for the specific problem of the plugin).


  • Strong and very light
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Completely receptive
  • Support for customizing themes
  • Page templates (default, dashboard, compact)
  • Geo Location Detection (from IP address)
  • Scheme type support for job listing
  • Ajax live search for jobs and resumes
  • Font-Awesome Icons (ready retina)
  • Location ready
  • Extensive documentation
  • Free updates





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