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Salient is a feature rich WP theme that gives users only the best platform to get started with their site in no time.

Its major features are responsive designs, lots of custom styles, easy-to-use admin panel and sleek looks.

List of extended functions of Salient

World-class, award-winning design

Every element and look available in Salient is meticulously planned and designed to ensure the highest level of detail possible.

Lifelong updates, proven experience

Salient has been providing feature-rich updates for over 6 years. Holding a single license gives you access to free lifetime updates.

Shape Separators

Take design to the next level with our exclusive shape separators. Easily control sizing, position, color and more.

Page transitions

Choose from several page transitions available for a smooth and smooth user experience, or turn them all together if you wish.

Masonry image galleries

Easily create beautiful galleries! Enjoy all the styles available for the items in your portfolio, but with drag & drop control and easy bulk loading.

Full Screen Lines

An extraordinarily powerful and exclusive feature that turns your page builder ranks into an interesting one-click story. Animated between your lines with high-performance transitions, which also work on mobile devices.

Off Canvas

Salient menu offers a powerful off canvas menu option with 4 different styles that can be used on desktop / mobile screens

High-performance animations

Say goodbye to outdated animations. Remember how often the theme animations are displayed – your users will appreciate the time spent optimizing their performance. It is silky smooth.

Exclusive sliders

Get access to multiple custom sliders customized / created just for Salient. You’ll enjoy unique features, such as linear parallax scrolling, image / video backgrounds, and great features, such as changing the navigation color of each header from light to dark.

Advanced Printing

Currently offers over 800 font families, all with precision options available, such as line height, letter spacing, font weight, font style, font size, and text transformation. Live font previews are also available right in the options panel.

Also, with Salient ..

Multiple blog styles

Salient offers a lot of blog layouts to choose from. Each of the styles seen below can also be displayed across the width or with a sidebar.

Car masonry
Material masonry
Improved masonry
Masonry Metro
Image list aligned to the left
Minimum list
The classic list

Multiple Unique Posting

Choose from one of the three unique posting headers available, best suited for your website.

Full screen

Truly customizable portfolio

Salient offers 7 unlimited project styles and layouts for each. Adjust the masonry layout, project grid spacing, coloring, custom content in the project grid, and more! Take a look at the styles below and the various models!

Modern Freemasonry
Portfolio slider
Meta overlay with zoom
Meta Suprapus
Custom content grid
The bottom line

Infinite scrolling option for blog and portfolio

Among the many pagination options, infinite scrolling allows your users to load the next page of articles as they scroll down for a seamless browsing experience.

Intuitive graphic short code generator

Even if a powerful visual page generator is included, sometimes short codes are still handy. The short code generator included in Salient offers an easy-to-use interface with powerful options for all elements and usable in both visual and text tabs!

AJAX Search

Optionally provide users with useful selections of the best search results for their search terms as they type

More Features of Salient !

Extensive themed options

Salient offers an exceptionally organized / designed options panel that gives you hundreds of options in an intuitive way. There are currently 17 different option panels and subcategories in them.

Powerful light boxes

fancyBox3 and Magnific are available to choose from. Custom elements in Salient, such as the Video lightbox, image galleries, and sliders, are all integrated with them.

HTML5 valid

Because the inside is as important as what the user sees.

WooCommerce Extended Support

Multiple product styles and layouts available with a single product, AJAX shopping cart, single page product enlargement gallery, page generator available on single product pages, and more!

HTML5 Exclusive Particle System

Upload images to easily create an interactive particle design. Available only in Salient, view a demo here!

Boxed & Wide Aspects

Salient provides a global setting that can change your website from the default wide display to a box configuration, where you can set an image / background color to be displayed behind the container

Sortable Portfolio

Set up filters for portfolio instances in the categories you create that will sort projects without delay.

Built-in “love” system

Provides a way to track which projects / posts are most popular on your website. Can be used as an option.

Social Plugin Social Sharing

Our exclusive plugin allows you to share your current page to various social services in an elegant way.

Footer Column Options

Control the footer widget area by selecting the available column (plans offered range from 2-4 columns)

SEO Optimized

Care has been taken in Salient coding and search engines will appreciate it.





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