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Vikinger The next generation WordPress + Buddypress social community!

Vikinger is the best way to connect with friends!

BuddyPress Powered Social Community We took advantage and extended the Buddypress plugin with feedback, sharing, media and more!

Incredible Gamification with Gamipress We have created a complete gamification experience with badges, missions, credits and ranks to create a wonderful experience!

Also, Vikinger has super detailed design elements and pages All pages are carefully crafted to fit everything you need! I also included a lot of illustrations and PSD elements!

Vikinger ‘s features

Completely refurbished profile status updates!

You’ll have a wide range of status updates and activity posts (such as when someone becomes your friend). You’ll also have the option to mark your posts as fixed, favorite, and private, all easily recognizable with our custom icons!

Express yourself with post reactions!

You will receive 8 different reactions: Like, Love, Dislike, Happy, Funny, Wow, Angry and Sad. We have easily integrated with BuddyPress, so you can react not only to profile posts, but also to comments and responses to the profile!

Easily share posts with our sharing feature

We’ve created a new sharing activity and functionality so you can quickly share one of your friend’s activities in the profile stream!
If there is a post you like, simply click the “Share” button at the bottom and a pop-up window will open to display your chosen post and a status update box to add your thoughts!

Gamipress: Gamification Badge

We have included a PSD with lots of badge templates so you can have fun and also the badges are made with PS vectors so you can keep them any way you want or even create new ones!

Gamipress: Gamification Searches

Using the Gamipress Achievements function, we also designed a mission system where you can complete them and earn credits to unlock profile ranks! Like badges, you can proudly display them in your profile with the search widget!
We’ve included a PSD with lots of colors of quest medals so you can have fun and also the medals are made with PS vectors so you can keep them.

Gamipress: Gamification Credits

Using the Gamipress Points function I created three different credits: Gold, Gems and Emeralds. Use them to unlock new ranks and raise the level!
We have included a PSD with the three credits and also they are all made with PS vectors, so you can keep them in any way you want, or even create them!

Gamipress: Gamification ranks

Using the Gamipress Ranks function we have created a 6-level system in which you can “raise the level” by collecting credits and meeting the requirements! You will be able to quickly see the ranking and progress of each user through the progress bar.
Like the others, we also included a PSD with the 6 rank shields.

Amazing blog page with feedback

A complete blog with 3 different views: list, small grid and large grid to help people quickly search for their favorite post. We have prepared different types of posts, such as: standard, video, audio and gallery and three different views of the posts.
Also, as with the updates posted by Buddypress, we’ve added feedback so people can show what they think about it!

Illustrations, SVG icons and avatars included!

Yes! We include all artwork elements such as credits, rank shields, badges, search tokens, section banners, landing illustrations and more in the package in PSD files and made with PS vectors, so you can customize them with a few clicks easily!
We also include all SVG icons and 16 avatars (15 people and 1 smile). Please note that these are only illustrative elements, not complementary PSD pages!

Incredible groups with easy management

So your users don’t have to make changes via the WordPress panel, we’ve created an author hub where they can easily change their avatar, cover photo, social media, personal information and more!

Elegant management of the author’s hub

Easily create and manage Buddypress groups! Inside the author hub, we’ve created a sleek management system so you can easily create and manage your groups, promote authors in ways or administrators, check invitations, and more!





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