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Why Shoptimizer?
We created Shoptimizer based on research and best practices, many of which were covered by Baymard, which analyzed the top e-commerce sites on the web. Speed, design and conversions are key.

You have control

Own and control your own data with WooCommerce. In addition, with over 5,000 extensions, there are several ways to add additional functionality to your store. There are no limits when it comes to variations.

For conversions

Research has shown that even a one-second delay equals a 7% reduction in conversions. This is real money for online companies – speed has become a vital factor.

Better SEO rankings

Organic search is a huge part of most company’s performance, as well as a critical component of the buying channel, and ultimately leads users to complete an engagement.

Faster than the competition

We compared Shoptimizer with five of the most important WooCommerce themes. See how it accumulates in terms of performance, speed and the first significant painting period.

CSS minimized and critically created automatically!

Shoptimizer includes speed-related options, which include automatic reduction of the main CSS file for super-fast loading. It also dynamically creates a “critical CSS” style sheet so that it loads the contents of a user’s viewing window almost instantly.

This critical CSS gives an impression of immediate interaction with your site without expectations – a huge conversion step for e-commerce companies.

Complete an order faster

We have included a thematic option that removes the header, footer and sidebars, leaving the main central point of payment – the form with payment details. This distraction-free payment leads to better conversions, and we’ve included a feature to add trust badges and a testimonial for insurance.

Request a callback feature

While researching e-commerce conversions, I came across an interesting case study of a site that replaced its phone number with the “Call me back” option and saw a dramatic increase in sales. We’ve included this feature in Shoptimizer because it’s especially important for stores that sell high-value but relatively complex products, and customers may need more information before they buy.

Sticky product details on the scroll

When scrolling down an individual product, a sticky bar keeps the product thumbnail, title, price, and Add to Cart button to encourage conversions on the long pages of the unique, high-content product.

Use reliable badges at crucial stages

It is essential for a buyer to feel calm at this stage, especially if they are buying from you for the first time. Studies have shown that 18% of users have abandoned a payment flow in the last 3 months because they did not trust the site with credit card information. Shoptimizer allows you to easily include trusted badges integrated under the main basket and payment call button.

Include FOMOs for a single product

It’s easy to include a timed countdown for each product, along with an animated action counter, to convince customers to buy. It can use real data or virtual data to increase the feeling of lack and accelerate a potential acquisition.

Add slide up sales notifications

Display recent orders on your site and increase conversions by highlighting what other people are buying. View orders in real time and increase social proof. Build a sense of urgency and display new items to buy!

Superior category of SEO products

We have included an additional field for the WooCommerce categories, which allow much better SEO spidering. Now, you can add featured category text and an image at the top and an additional keyword-rich copy below, which will lead to much better search results placement.

Find articles even faster

Searching for an item in Shoptimizer will instantly reveal the top results without leaving the page. Expand your search and convert users faster, taking them to the product they’re looking for in seconds.

Page builder element

Shoptimizer uses the very powerful Elementor page generator for content pages – this weak and functional editor allows you to create sophisticated layouts without the need for coding.

Mega menu support included

For larger stores, a mega menu is a great way to present subcategories and featured products. Include the items you want to present directly in the menu – a great way to draw attention to them.

Beautiful pre-designed pages included

We’ve included a great homepage, about, contact, frequently asked questions and sales pages in one-click demo data to help you get started and run fast. In addition, because the images are almost entirely from unsplash, they are also included!

Use the customizer for instant changes

Quickly change the font, color settings and more – we’ve added a lot of controls so you can change the elements to fit. Remember that even something as small as the color of the prompt button can make a real difference in conversions.

Conversion enhancement features included

1 – Sticky header with a call to action
2 – Promotional letterhead
3 – Improved search with instant results
4 – Offer bar with discount code
5 – Navigation of the previous and next product
6 – Enlarge the product image for more details
7 – Visibility in stock to encourage purchase
8 – Buttons have been added to increase / decrease the quantity
9 – The Add to Cart button has color customization options
10 – Reverse stopwatch

11 – Stock level display
12 – Include the reasons for the purchase
13 – Increase confidence with security badges
14 – Optional wish list functionality
15 – Social network sharing icons, including WhatsApp
16 – Request a callback option
17 – An additional tab for shipping prices to encourage purchase
18 – FOMO pop-up highlighting previous sales
19 – Beautiful appearance for product information





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