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Bambini is a theme dedicated to kindergarten, preschool, day cover and any other facility for toddlers and children.

This is a theme is a WordPress theme for kindergarten and preschool that can be used for day care institutions, groups of children, play schools, kindergartens and children’s shops.

A fully integrated and stylish WooCommerce store section allows you to create an e-commerce system for the sale of toys, educational materials and children’s products.

Valid CSS3 and HTML5

valid code and optimized structure is one of the key points for a successful website that will be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Detailed thematic knowledge base

The thematic documentation covers all possible questions, so that even a beginner can manage to create an excellent site in a reasonable time.

Many screenshots from the admin panel and front end to make it even easier.

Slider Layer & Revolution Slider

This Bambini theme for preschool sites and other kids comes with two popular slider plugins included, a Layer and Revolution Slider, both of which have supreme functionality and stunning effects. No need to buy them, that’s all!

99+ Custom Short Codes

99+ Custom Short Codes work as great building blocks for your pages. Very diverse and easy to manage, you’ll love them!

Custom Message Types

Projects and Profiles message types are the ultimate combination for websites of any category and purpose!

Page backgrounds

You can set a custom background for any page and post on your website, as well as define for the entire site in general.

Choose the color or background of the image and set the repeat type and positioning to it.

Unlimited menu colors

Unlimited color possibilities for main navigation and many other elements of the website allow you to adapt the look of your website to the style of the company. You can set any color for each of the menu items.





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