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Vehica – The Most Innovative WordPress Theme for Car Dealer. This theme is very easy to use and very flexible.

You can customize options without any programming – change colors, images, sizes, spaces, and the location of any items just by dragging and dropping.

Vehica includes a powerful vehicle inventory mode that allows you to change all vehicle fields and search forms with just a few clicks. Your final website made by Vehica will be very fast and will work perfectly on mobile devices and tablets.

Choosing Vehica is an excellent investment, because you will have a remarkable site without wasting a lot of time or energy, configuring and managing it.


One-click import

It will save you time and allow you to start customizations quickly. The demo package does not include user photos and has only a few copies of cars added.

Basic configuration panel

In a few minutes your website will be completely yours! With a single click you can delete all demonstration vehicles and prepare your website for its first visitors. Could it be easier or faster?

Adaptable globally

You can translate all texts into any language, change the currency, and switch between numeric formats and values. Type the newly translated text in the panel and click Save.

Inventory of powerful vehicles

You can change the look of your vehicle’s inventory by creating your own fields and changing your existing options. There are 6 types of fields: Text, Number, Taxonomy, Price, Gallery, Embedding (Video).

Instant inventory results

It offers a much better user experience than a classic “Search” button. Recharging is very fast, and users will love to use it. They will also avoid a situation found “0 results” by entering too many criteria.

It reduces the rejection rate and that’s why all large popular companies have “instant results without reloading a page” after changing each criterion.

Field relations

Need to connect the Make field to the Model field? Create an unlimited number of relationships between search fields to automatically filter your search options and create a faster and easier-to-use experience.

Relevant fields

Your visitors only need to see fields that are relevant to their search, for example, different fields for motorcycles than for trucks. You can create these types of relationships so that the user experience is much smoother and you can build websites for perfect engines.

Elementor plugin integration

The vehicle is based on the Elementor Free plugin and we spend thousands of hours adding value. Create any site you can imagine. You can change everything: Home page, all pages (for example, Contact / About), Single vehicle page, Results page, User page.
It is the most flexible and easy to use solution on the market for engine sites.

Our developers have created over 30 new elements that you can “pull and place” to ensure that the page generator is ultra flexible and fully integrated with Vehica.

Flexible menu

The vehicle has an excellent menu that includes sticky and transparent options.

Global Body & Headings Google Fonts

Choose the body and title font in the control panel. It will automatically appear on all your pages. More than 800 available fonts.

Private salesman / business salesman roles

You can create a WordPress account that can only add vehicles and does not have administrator access. Great for delegating the addition of vehicles to others.


You can easily customize a single post page with drag-and-drop options – change the order of sections, colors, and more.





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