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BRIDGE is a versatile WordPress theme with responsive retina, perfect for almost anyone.

Need a 1-page gallery, a launch soon, or an app landing page? Do you have a restaurant, bar or pizzeria? A gym or a fitness studio? Do you have a wellness center or spa or promote a healthy lifestyle? I caught you!

Bridge is here if you need a great website for your hotel, travel tour, church, wedding, shop, digital SEO marketing agency, or if you are interested in photography, architecture, fashion, design, organic food, music or offer any kind of service there.

Bridge is not just a theme, but a collection of amazing examples with lots of features. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Main features

500 unique demonstrations
You’ll find what you need in one of our fully equipped demos, whether you’re looking for a blog, a business website, or even something as specific as an online store for your pet store.
24 aspect concepts

Explore all the possibilities of Bridge with 24 new layout concepts – ranging from standard site layouts to authentic and innovative designs. You are sure to find the perfect solution for your perfect website in our collection of creative concepts.

NEW Full listing functionality

Bridge now comes with a fully functional listing plugin that allows you to create listing websites and directory. The plugin includes a new list posting type, a variety of short codes to display your listings, and more.

Create your Bridge news site. Thanks to the great News plugin, Bridge now comes with a variety of short codes specifically designed to display posts in beautiful news and magazine layouts.

Qode Slider

Stunning full-image, parallel-parallel parallel-slide video with the option to choose between a full reaction and a fixed / responsive height. With fade in / out element animations and slide / fade transitions.

Also, for each slide you can choose whether the header should be dark or light, set different positions for graphics and text, choose different graphics animations (flip or fade), completely control the titles and texts (size, color, fonts ), line height, weight, shadow), set the custom color for navigation, set an overlay image for the video.

Powerful easy-to-use administration interface

BRIDGE comes with an extremely intuitive, easy-to-use administration interface. Add unlimited sliders and slides as you edit pages / posts / portfolios, add unlimited portfolio images or videos as you edit portfolio items, add unlimited parallax sections to any page, customize your print styles, upload multiple verses and more. Take full control of your website.

Quick view YITH WooCommerce and YITH WooCommerce plugin compatibility Wishlist

Thanks to the quick YITH WooCommerce view, website visitors can easily check the items offered and view product details with a single mouse click. The YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, on the other hand, allows them to check product availability and add items to their wish list.

Fully customizable headers

The collection of 10 separate header types, each with its own set of options, will surely satisfy your every need. Each page can have its own custom header, with a dark or light color, and a different color and transparency. Define styles for your menus and activate a sidebar, search functionality, header top, and full-screen menu with the click of a button.

Fully customizable title area

Choose between a responsive title image, a parallax title image, zoom in / out on the title image, and no image. Show or hide each title area. Choose the position of the title text. Choose different types of animations: animate the text.





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